Hiiumaa has often been called a Paradise Island of Estonia for its beautiful nature, peaceful atmosphere and for a special spiritual vibe. It has been a home and a place of inspiration for many writers, musicians, artists etc. And 16 years ago it inspired me to start a traditional folk music festival here.

Festival “HIIU FOLK” was born out of my love, interest and passion for folk music. The festival takes place each year in July and lasts for 4 days. It is full of wonderful autentic music, different exciting workshops and exclusive nature trips. Each year there are about 3000 people visiting our festival.

Hiiu Folk is appreciated also by nature loving people and by families with young children as we have also many exciting programs for kids and also because our festival is totally alcohol free which is a great challenge to our budget but in the same time gives a powerful message to our society. Unfortunatelly alcoholism has been a big problem and a root for many other problems in Estonia, so it is our way of educating Estonian people to love, enjoy and respect folk music and each other while being sober.

Our festival has been nominated with various prizes: