Tuule Kann

Small zither (kannel) workshop

On Friday, 16th of July, at 15.30-17.00 at Käina Hobby and Culture Centre.

Workshop is led by a proffessional zither player Tuule Kann.

Price: 5.-/ With preregistration!

Talharpa workshop

Friday, 16th of July at 10am-11:30 am Käina Hobby and Culture Centre

Led by Puuluup.

Price: 5.-/ With preregistration!

La Paloma 160!

On Friday, 16th of July at 3 pm Kassari Community Centre (Kassari Rahvamaja).

Led by DJ Valter Parve


La Paloma“, “The Dove” in English, is a popular Spanish song that has been produced and reinterpreted in diverse cultures, settings, arrangements, and recordings over the last 140 years. The song was written by the Spanish Basque composer Sebastián Iradier (later Yradier) around 1860 after a visit to Cuba. In 1879, it was registered at the copyright office in Madrid as a “Canción Americana con acompañamiento de Piano”.[1] Iradier was to die in obscurity within few years, never to learn how popular his song would become.

Very quickly, “La Paloma” became popular outside of Spain, particularly in Mexico, and soon spread around the world. In many places, including Afghanistan, Cuba, Colombia, Hawaii, the Philippines, Germany, Romania, Venezuela, Zanzibar, and Goa it gained the status of a quasi-folk song. Over the years, the popularity of “La Paloma” has surged and receded periodically, but never subsided. It may be considered one of the first universal popular hits and has appealed to artists of diverse musical backgrounds.[2] There are more than one thousand versions of this song, and together with “Yesterday” by The Beatles, is one of the most-recorded songs in the history of music; it is certainly the most-recorded Spanish song.

Come to sing and dance along with us!

Composer Veljo Tormis archaic runic songs workshop

Friday, 16th of July at 1 pm-3 pm
Saturday, 17th of July at 10 am-12 pm.

Large hall of Käina Hobby and Culture Center 

Led by Celia Roose and Kaika Choir.


Workshop is dedicated to the world famous Estonian composer Veljo Tormis whose 90th birth anniversary is celebrated this year.

Piret Päär


Friday, 16th of July, at 15:30-17:00 Käina Hobby and Culture Centre

Led by the fairy tale and story teller Piret Päär / Price: 5.-

I know that a good story can change the world. I know that a good storyteller can make the listener forget hunger and thirst, troubles and misfortunes and compel him with stories so that the lowest soul can be exalted, arrogance gives ground to humility, and a cold heart melts like snow in May.”

Melodeon (karmoshka) WORKSHOP

On Saturday, 17th of July at Käina Hobby and Cultural Centre

10:00-11:30 Melodeon for beginners. Led by Kadri Lepasson (Wana Wõromaa Wunkorkestri).

10:00-11:30 Melodeon for advanced level players. Led by Kaisa Kuslapuu (Wana Wõromaa Wunkorkestri).

Price: 5.- /With preregistration!

Advanced instrument workshop

Saturday, July 17, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Käina Interest and Cultural Center

Workshop is led by: Curly Strings, Jon Samuel Lundström, Sunniva Brynnel. FREE!

NB! With pre-registration

Ditty workshop

Saturday, 17th of July at 15.30 Kassari Community Centre.

Led by Valter Parve.


Maarika Kiislar

Happy Folk Morning Gymnastics 

Saturday, 17th of July at 8:30 a.m. in Kassari Swinging Place. 

Morning exhilarating gymnastics accompanied by calm folk music. We do good gymnastics for the whole body. Come and get involved!


Supervised by folk friend and sports pedagogue Maarika Kiislar.

Little Scientists Workshop

Saturday, 17th of July at Kassari Swing place. 

Workshops will start at 5 pm, 6 pm and 7 pm.

All children from 5 years and up are very welcome!

Led by Karin Poola (Palade Nature Education Centre)

In our workshop, small science enthusiasts can study water, experiment with brine and eggs, try to purify the water themselves and separate the colors. The experiment of trying to push a match through a balloon without exploding it, is also very exciting.

In our workshop we use test equipment, magnifying glasses and microscopes. The workshop certainly includes nature observation, getting to know and guessing different species.

Väiketaibu õpituba Hiiu Folgil

Secrets of a happy baby – baby massage

Friday, 16th of July, at 4:30-5:20p.m, Kassari Swing Place in Mama’s Heaven tent
Saturday, July 17, at 4:30-5:20p.m.
Kassari Swing Square in Mama’s Heaven tent

Baby massage workshop for parents. You can come with babies up to 1 year old. Supervised by Maili Saarva. FREE!

Moms workout with babies

Friday, July 16, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Kassari Swing Square in Mama’s Heaven tent

Suitable for coming with children aged 1.5-24 months or alone, without a child! Supervised by Aale-Triinu Sonn. FREE!

Gymnastics for pregnant women

 Saturday, July 17, at 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Kassari Swing Square in Mama’s Heaven tent

Exercise for pregnant women and conversation with a doula (suitable for all three trimesters). Supervised by Aale-Triinu Sonn. FREE!

Workshops by Estonian Environmental Board

The Environmental Board will also be present with its tent this year and we will offer our educational activities to folk visitors.

Biodiversity around us and nature conservation for everyone

We focus on why and how to keep biodiversity around us and what everyone can do for themselves.

Meeting with a wild animal

Situations where human and wildlife pathways (including both mammals and birds) may cross more frequently; what are the main reasons and times when such situations are more frequent; how to understand the natural functioning of nature; what kind of intervention should be avoided, what those moments are, if there is a reason to do so, and then how it is most sensible to help the animal.

Alien species

Indigenous and non-native species, threats of alien species spreading. We take a separate look at our own and foreign snails (eg Spanish snail, black-headed snail and, for comparison, our own domestic and safe species).

hellar: +372 51 000 48
skype: miljardmasin
Kino Peab Saama! / Cinema On Demand!

Cinema Bus & Film Workshop

The Cinema Bus sounds like a bus, but in reality there are still people!

Come to the Film Workshop and take some time out – let’s think together about how to turn an idea and a story spinning in your head into one nice movie clip with the available artistic tools. There is no need to be afraid that it will not work – filmmaker Mikk Rand will help in every process, the film will be good!🙂