THE PROGRAMME of XVI Hiiu folk festival‘The Tale of Time’ boasts many stories of Hiiumaa and Estonia!

The 16th Hiiumaa Folk Music Festival, one of the most important cultural heritage events in Estonia, will open on 15 July.

Estonian Voices, Curly Strings and Puuluup will delight the audience. Great artists will also come from beyond the border – the most known of whom is definitely Finnish pop-folk zither player Ida Elina, whose evening performance will take place on Saturday, 17 July, at Kassari Swing Square.

Sunday is traditionally dedicated to the churches – concerts will take place in churches and chapels all over the island.

The festival will end with a memorial concert “Jaak’s Songs and Songs to Jaak” at Kärdla Church with a dedication to Jaak Johanson who unfortunately passed away this year.

As always, all visitors can participate in the nature hikes of Hiiumaa. You can also take part in folk music workshops led by the best in their field. The little ones in the family can find plenty of activities in the children’s areas.

Please keep in mind that Hiiumaa Folk is an alcohol-free event. We want to offer pure joy and experiences to everyone from the biggest to the smallest folk enthusiasts.

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