Aistra duo (Belgia)

Aistra is a folkmusic project between two friends who study together jazz music in Turnhout at the Heilig-Graf instituut. One of the members is Oscar Beerten, who is a violin player with a passion for Nordic, Baltic and improvised folk music. The other member is a percussion player Robbe Broeckx, who has a big love for pop-jazz and funk music. Together they create their own music – ethnic folk music with a athmopheric and groovy touch. Aistra Duo has much attention for the combination between jazz, world- and improvised music.
“Call it groovy ethno, modern worldmusic,… Our music is fresh and ready to be performed!”
This year Aistra Duo is planning a tour in Estonia, together with Estonian singer songwriter, Markko Sunni. It would be a collaboration between Belgium and Estonia. Markko Sunni who plays didgeridoo and guitare fits very well in the repertoire of Aistra Duo.

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